Some Fun Food Facts You Might Not Know

steak and potatoes

Importance of Chewing Your Food

Your mother had good reasons to tell you to chew your food properly. There are actually a lot of health benefits to chewing your food. You don't get as much out of your meals if you swallow everything as fast as you can without stopping to chew.


History of Favorite Foods

Some of your favorite foods have an interesting history. Many were first made because some made a mistake trying to make something else. Your kids will love the history of chocolate chips cookies, and you might be surprised by some of the food histories too.

healthy zucchini

Healthy Food Facts

You can discover a lot of fun facts about healthy foods too. Our sweet treats do not have a monopoly on fun food facts. You can use your healthy foods in a lot of ways you haven't tried yet. You can also find out some things to improve and better monitor your health.

a variety of nuts

Facts About Food Allergies

You need to be aware of how to care for your own food allergies, as well as those of your children. Some food allergies are very serious, and you do not want to be caught unprepared. Peanut allergies are becoming much more common these days, so watch out for yourself and others.

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